Startseite PAKO

PAKO experimental platform – Investigation of gait specific leg function based on orthoprosthetics


Human gait was developed and optimized by evolutionary processes. A fascinating inter-joint coordination has been developed which uses the elastic behavior of the segmented leg in an elaborate way. Up to now, this natural and efficient biomechanical leg function could be mimicked only to some extent in robotic and prosthetic systems.

In contrast to the general tendency in robotics to actuate the joints only by motors, the project uses an alternative approach.

Passive mechanisms for human gaitshall be analyzed by experimental studies of human gait and gait transitions. Identified concepts shall be transferred to prosthetic prototypes.

By this procedure, locomotion concepts can be questioned and new designs ideas can be developed. The envisioned concepts could be also a draft for novel, energy efficient and autonomous walking robots with convenient system dynamics.


This project was promoted by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft